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Stainmaster Carpet

The Stainmaster carpet fibers are purchased by many carpet manufacturers. These carpet manufacturers will then take the Stainmaster carpet fibers and manufacture a tufted style carpet. For this reason, you will see the Stainmaster label on the back of various carpet samples that are produced from different carpet mills. Before a carpet mill can utilize the Stainmaster label for their product and samples, they must appear to Invista’s rigorous testing and requirement standards.

At this point you may be asking yourself what makes a Stainmaster carpet so special? First of all, the fibers from Stainmaster are a 6.6 nylon type of fiber. This provides the extra strength and durability that Stainmaster carpets are known for. The Stainmaster patent also incorporates unique fiber shapes. These unique fiber shapes are important for helping the carpet to retain its resiliency, texture, and appearance in a way that is better than other carpet fibers.

Stainmaster nylon carpet fibers also have a built-in soil and stain technology that will help to prevent any type of permanent staining from various household beverages and foods. It also is advantageous for preventing soil from sticking to the carpet. This simply means that the carpet will be easier to clean and will look clean for longer periods of time. The product also has special soft fibers that make the carpet soft and luxurious.