Shopping for Flooring

When it comes to flooring options for your home, it is difficult to beat the warmth and luxurious feeling of hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is not only highly durable, but also easy to keep clean and makes for an elegant flooring choice for your home.

Types of Wood Flooring Options for 2019

This year, many different kinds of exotic woods have been introduced into mainstream building projects. For customers, it can be overwhelming to choose the right wood from such a wide variety, unless you look at it from an interior decorator’s point of view.

When you are trying to decide on a wood flooring option, it is helpful to think about the type of environment you want for the room. What mood should the room inspire — playful , elegant, or outdoor-sy and adventurous? Are you looking for a warm, inviting coziness, or a formal tone? Here is a look at the top hardwood flooring trends for 2019.


One of the lesser known facts about bamboo is that it is actually a grass, not a wood. It’s categorized as a hardwood flooring, however, because it gives the pleasing appearance of a lemony, light wood. It is great for smaller spaces because it gives off an airy and open feel.

Brazilian Cherry

Brazilian Cherry is one of today’s most popular luxury hardwoods. It comes in a stunning reddish-brown color that is streaked with black. You can get it finished or unfinished, and it gives an incomparable luxurious warmth to any room.


There is truly nothing more elegant than a traditional mahogany floor. Available in finished veneers or natural, mahogany offers beauty and warmth, as well as amazing durability. It is known for being one of the most long-lasting and heavy-duty hardwoods in the world of flooring.


Many people love oak because it is easy to clean and highly resistant to stains and damage.  While we typically think of oak as a medium brown shade, you can actually choose different red, white or silver oak as well, making this one of the most visually versatile of all flooring hardwoods.


Maple has a versatile color palette, making it a popular choice among homeowners. In addition to traditional maple tones of lemony tan, you can also choose from grey, neutral, and ginger spice colors.

Douglas Fir

One of the year’s most popular hardwood flooring trends is Douglas Fir, a reddish-brown pine that imparts a primitive look due to its classic knots and curved grain lines. Available in a wide variety of finishes, Douglas fir has a natural strength that makes it incredibly long-lasting, and this durability makes it not only a good investment but also environmentally-friendly as well.

2019 is a great time to buy a new hardwood floor for your home or office, as there are so many types of hardwoods, prices and designs to suit your unique style and budget. If you want flooring that will last in 2019 and beyond for generations to come, choosing an attractive hardwood flooring will be sure to enhance the look of your home.