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Vinyl plank floors look luxurious. If you have a vinyl plank floor and you’re worried about taking care of it, follow these simple rules.

  • Vacuum clean the floor regularly to remove dirt and debris.
  • Sweep the floor with soft mop heads if it’s looking a little dirty but you don’t have time to vacuum it.
  • Mop up spillages as soon as possible. Vinyl is quite stain resistant but some things can have a lasting impact on it.
  • If you need to clean mud or other dirt from it, use warm (not hot) water and a mild solution. Don’t use bleach or harsh chemicals. Washing up liquid will do a perfectly good job and will not damage the vinyl.
  • Another economical cleaner is 1 part white vinegar and 5 parts water.

The best thing about vinyl plank floors is that they are very hardwearing. They are quite scratch resistant and most spills will just mop up as well. The most likely things to damage them are excessive heat and hard impacts.

For the most part, vinyl is very easy to care for, and if you engage in cleaning on a little-but-often basis it should keep everything looking great. If you have heavy furniture on vinyl floors please install felt pads on the bottom of the furniture legs, just like a hardwood floor. Try not to drag or scrape chairs across them. While it is generally scratch resistant, choosing wheeled chairs.