Shopping for Flooring

A new product called vinyl plank is becoming very popular in the Okanagan, it’s not only cost- effective, user-friendly and versatile, but it’s also extremely elegant and waterproof!

The Future Of Flooring is Click Vinyl Plank

Patrice Raven, co-owner of Impression Floors Kelowna, believes that the click vinyl plank products will be found in most homes in the future, replacing the high maintenance of more traditional hardwood floors. “I really wish we had vinyl plank when I raised my household of boys. It is hardwearing, it looks great, it’s versatile and you can clean it very easily. Perfect for households raising a young family.” What makes these planks so different is the cork base on the back of each plank. This feature gives the floor more cushioning and is cost eff ective as there is no need to purchase a sound block underlayment if you are in a condo. With the cork backing, it also means these beautiful Adventure and Expedition planks are 100% waterproof.

30 Year Residential Warranty

Makes it perfect for a busy household with kids and animals running around. Vinyl planks are robust enough for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry areas, but are also elegant enough for the dining area and great room. This beautiful vinyl flooring also comes with a 30 year residential warranty.

Vinyl Flooring Wears Well

Nothing is 100 per cent animal proof, kid proof or stiletto heel proof, but vinyl planks do wear extremely well,” Patrice explains. Adventure and Expedition plank is suitable for a wide range of applications including floating it over radiant heat and this waterproof plank flooring is super easy to maintain, no need for any special commercial products to clean these floors.

Over 30 Years Experience

Impression Floors have over 30 years flooring experience and since opening its doors in Kelowna, April 2016, these vinyl planks, from Beaulieu Canada, are their best-selling and most in-demand product, says Patrice. “We also have a spring special on currently, so come in and check out the array of grades and colours.” Th e local flooring crew at Impression Floors has more than 20 years’ experience when it comes to stairs, nosing, great rooms and hallways. Imagine sitting back and watching the magic happen as the installers piece together this elegant fl ooring in your home.