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Tres Avanti Hardwood Flooring

Species: ash, maple, oak

Khars brings its world-renowned reputation for quality and flexibility to bear in the Tres Avanti Hardwood Flooring. Tres uses highly sought after ash, maple and oak species in 7 luscious shades along with super wide planks to make a distinct impression. Designed to be long lasting, these floors can be sanded and refinished up to two times, if ever needed.
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Red Oak, 7 7/8\" three plank
Red Oak, 7 7/8" three plank
Red Oak, 7 7/8\
Oak, 7 7/8\
Oak, 7 7/8\
European Maple, 7 7/8\
Ash, 7 7/8\
Ash, 7 7/8\
Oak, 7 7/8\
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