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Antique Legacy Laurentian Hardwood

Species: oak

There is more afoot than flooring when it comes to the Laurentian Legacy Antique Oak. This old world European oiled oak is wire brushed to enhance the grain and is not merely to be trampled on. The dark rich stain is hand-rubbed into the wood and demands attention while offering the strongest protection. It comes in 8 shades of Canadian and North American oak species and is easy to maintain and repair.
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Oak - Paloma, 3 1/4\" plank
Oak - Paloma, 3 1/4" plank
Oak - Paloma, 3 1/4\
Oak - Santa Monica, 3 1/4\
Oak - Coffee, 3 1/4\
Oak - Golden Wheat, 3 1/4\
Oak - Mahagony, 3 1/4\
Oak - Tiger Eye, 3 1/4\
Oak - Toffee, 3 1/4\
Oak - Wheat, 3 1/4\
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