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Pet Friendly Carpets

Pet-Friendly Carpet Kelowna

Tough, Durable and Easy to Clean Carpets

Pet lovers, relax. Enjoy the company and friendly play of your furry friends without fretting about stains and other discomforts. And…with our pet-friendly carpet collection from Kraus Carpets and Mohawks…you don’t have to sacrifice style and comfort. Tough, durable and easy to clean, your pets can dig into the plush, dense piles without entangling their claws or destroying your flooring.

The Perfect Solution for Pet Owners in Kelowna

  • Warm, comfortable and non-slippery flooring for your pets
  • Carpet with high level repellent properties, making it easy to get rid of dirt, urine and other stains that come with having pet in your home
  • Appropriate for detergents
  • Rich and dense piles that stand up well to the digging and clawing of your playful, furry friends without entangling their claws
  • Manufactured with sustainable or recycle material and are highly recyclable
  • There are no health concerns for you or your family because the carpet is made without the use of chemicals

If you are a pet owner in Kelowna or anywhere in the Okanagan and want warm, comfortable and beautiful flooring, call us at (250) 979-7429 or simply fill out our carpet inquiry form online.

Pet-Friendly Carpets

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