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Luxury vinyl plank

Click Vinyl Plank The Way Of The Future

A new product called vinyl plank is becoming very popular in the Okanagan, it’s not only cost- effective, user-friendly and versatile, but it’s also extremely elegant and waterproof!

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How to Care for Vinyl Plank Floors

Vinyl plank floors look luxurious. If you have a vinyl plank floor and you’re worried about taking care of it, follow these simple rules.

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What Are the Advantages of Loose Lay Vinyl Plank?

Kelowna’s demand for Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring has grown in recent years. This trend makes sense given the durability, easy maintenance, and scratch resistance advantages this type of flooring offers to installers and users.

Loose-Lay Vinyl Plank is a type of Luxury Vinyl Plank Floor that is known for its simple installation method and has been increasing in popularity. Read on to learn how this flooring works and what the advantages are.

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Which Flooring Is Best For You: Luxury Vinyl Plank or Tile?

Luxury vinyl plank and tileare two of the most popular choices for household, office and commercial building flooring among property owners. Not only is vinyl flooring rather easy to install and is 100% resistant against water damage, it also encompasses various elements of durability which may even allow for property owners to save on repair and replacement costs in the long run.  

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