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Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best areas in my home for luxury vinyl plank?

Luxury vinyl is a great choice for any area because it feels cozy, looks like real wood and stands up well to scratches, dents and general wear and tear. With the appearance of a high-end wood product, it shines in spaces where you want to impress. Plus, because it is 100% resistant to water and moisture, luxury vinyl is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Cleaning and maintenance is also a breeze, making it a favourite among pet owners.
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Do you install the luxury vinyl product that we purchase from your store?

Yes. We are a full-service flooring store, therefore when you purchase a product from us, we will provide the installation service. See our luxury vinyl installation service for more information.

How are luxury vinyl planks installed?

There are three methods for installing luxury vinyl products:

We carry extensive colour and style options for all three types.

Which is the most popular luxury vinyl type?

The sumptuous appeal of the click-lock and the glue-down engineered luxury planks are especially popular with consumers.

What are the advantages of glue-down luxury vinyl installation?

Glue-down luxury vinyl planks will never develop gaps. They remain seamless throughout their lifetime even when the humidity and temperature fluctuate in your home. In addition, they can be installed as a continuous flooring across rooms and hallways without the need for transition pieces.

How does loose-lay installation compare to glue-down?

While both loose-lay and glue-down installations are suitable for large continuous spaces, loose-lay luxury vinyl flooring only requires gluing around the parameter of the flooring. It’s a common choice for basements and game rooms as well as the common areas of apartments, strata and community buildings.

Are there limitations to click-lock luxury vinyl flooring?

Click-lock (or floating) luxury vinyl planks, like floating laminate and engineered hardwood flooring are designed to provide continuous coverage only to a certain length. The maximum length depends on the on the product and the brand. 12 meters is a frequently used maximum length value. Transition pieces may also be required in certain cases, such as for adjoining rooms and hallways.

We invite you to visit our showroom to discuss your flooring project. With information from our expert team you will feel confident moving ahead with your decisions.