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The Eco-Friendly Flooring of Choice

Decorate a classy living room or add sass to your child’s bedroom. Whatever your desires, the 60 different colours of our flooring store's wool product line will help you to get there. Plus, the coziness of 100% plush wool carpet is unrivalled.

Safe for people with chemical sensitivities, prized for its beauty, durability, warmth and comfort, wool carpet is one of the healthiest flooring choices.

Nature's Carpet

Roll out the green carpet. Impressed by the exquisite look, easy clean option and ability to withstand moisture and relentless wear and tear, B.C.’s top interior designers have frequently chosen Nature’s Carpet -- the signature wool carpet collection of Impression Floors Kelowna -- for various prestigious property development projects. Due to its flame-retardant nature, it’s even a favourite of the Canadian Navy, which has been using it on their ships for years.

Our three Nature’s Carpet wool broadloom lines are made with wool from eco-friendly sheep farms in Britain and New Zealand and contain no synthetic material. Plus, due to the nature of wool, these carpets actively filter allergens and dust from the air and are designed to inhibit releasing pollutants (volatile organic compounds or VOCs) into your space.

Impression Floors Kelowna Nature’s Carpet collection includes:

Full Service Wool Carpet Installation

  • In-home colour consultation and site survey
  • Installation planning and project management
  • Site preparation, floor leveling and disposal of old flooring
  • Delivery of the new wool carpet
  • Installation
  • Touch-ups
  • Clean-up

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Everest Wool Carpet

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Tilbury Wool Carpet

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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to keep my wool carpet clean?

The broadloom or our Nature’s Carpet is made with a naturally soil- and stain-resistant fiber that is structured to keep dust and dirt near the surface of the pile. Regular vacuuming keeps it clean and, due to the protective membrane, by quickly blotting up spills you can prevent liquids from readily penetrating your carpet.

What is the significance of anti-allergen wool carpet?

Because wool is a natural fiber, it does not give off harmful emissions. In addition, the breathable structure of wool stops it from promoting the growth of bacteria or dust mites. Add to that, the fact that wool fibers are too long and coarse to be inhaled.

Are wool carpets durable?

Yes. In fact, some or our products are sturdy enough for commercial settings. The natural crimp of wool allows it to spring back quickly after compression, thereby retaining its original shape and good looks for long periods…even in high traffic areas.

Should I be concerned about insect damage when selecting a wool carpet?

In most cases, regular and thorough vacuuming will eliminate the risk of insect damage. Choosing from Nature’s Carpet Green Label and Light Green Label wool products means that your carpet is treated to deter insect damage, and they come with a Nature’s Carpet 5-year insect-resistance warranty.

We invite you to visit our showroom to discuss your flooring project. With information from our expert team you will feel confident moving ahead with your decisions.