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This isn’t your grandma’s laminate floor. In the modern age, laminate flooring lets you choose colours and finishes that are modern, trendy, rustic or whatever you please.

At our Kelowna flooring store, we’ll walk you through the options for your laminate flooring project. Plus, with quality products from Canadian laminate brands, you can rest assured that your laminate floor will be durable and easy to maintain.

Our Laminate Flooring Brands

Flooring consultation

Let our laminate floor specialist break it down for you. Visiting your home, the Impression Floors team takes in the whole picture of your space and highlights your choices for colours, patterns and other details for the best fit.

Browse the online laminate flooring product gallery to view the different design, installation and colour options.

NEW! AtroGuard Water Resistant Laminate Floor

For years, laminate flooring offered realistic visuals at fair pricing, but never quite lived up to the level of performance Canadians expect. Today that all changes with Atroguard, the water resistant laminate floor built for durability and designed to impress.

Full Service Laminate Floor Installation

Purchasing your laminate flooring from Impression Floors includes services such as

  • In-home colour consultation and site survey
  • Installation planning and project management
  • Site preparation, floor leveling and disposal of old flooring
  • Delivery of the new laminate floor
  • Installation
  • Touch-ups
  • Clean-up

Find the Perfect Laminate Flooring

Shnier Laminate Harbourfront

Shnier Laminate Harbourfront

Reliance Laminate Flooring


Smoked Oak Laminate

Smoked Oak Laminate

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We invite you to visit our showroom to discuss your flooring project. With information from our expert team you will feel confident moving ahead with your decisions.