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Eco-Friendly Flooring

Green and Sustainable Flooring Options for Your Healthy Home

Eco-friendly flooring is hot these days. Whether you are concerned about minimizing your carbon footprint or sensitive to synthetic material, we’ve got attractive, cost-effective and versatile eco-friendly flooring options to suit your needs and style.

Visit us in our Kelowna flooring store and we’ll walk you through our all-natural, pollutant-free wool carpets and line of natural looking hardwood products, all designed to have a minimal impact on the environment.


  • From their meticulous selection of timber to the finishing varnish, the hardwood brands our flooring store carries meet the highest international environmental standards.

    Beaulieu Flooring, Laurentian Hardwood and Kahrs, our Swedish premium hardwood collection,  are among the most eco-friendly flooring brands, offering products made with wood free of chemical contamination; designed to deter the release of pollutants (volatile organic compounds or VOCs) in the air; and finished with varnish guaranteed to have no impact on the of healthy environment of your home.

    They are also members of the Forest Stewardship Council and Kahrs was one of the first companies to receive an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) environmental management certificate.

    Classical Natural Oil Hardwood

    Classical Natural Oil Hardwood

    Aristocraci Hardwood Flooring


    Tres Avanti Hardwood Flooring

    Tres Avanti

  • Waterproof and durable, with an antimicrobial surface that helps to maintain air quality, luxury vinyl flooring has become the darling of homeowners and commercial property managers in recent years. This innovative flooring option wears well and stays beautiful, even in the busiest areas.

    Largely made in Canada, using an increasing amount of recycled material, there’s every reason to love the realistic hardwood, stone and ceramic designs of our Beaulieu, Richmond Reflections and Harbinger brands.

    Harbinger and Beaulieu continue to whittle away at their carbon footprint, setting ambitious goals to minimize their energy consumption. Beaulieu has pushed the envelope with Loose-lay, a new product line that reduces the amount of adhesive required to cover installation in large areas.

    Expedition Engineered Luxury Vinyl Plank

    Expedition Engineered

    Adventure Click Luxury Vinyl Plank

    Adventure Click

    Rapido Luxury Vinyl Plank


  • Consumers used to have few choices for green carpets. But not any more.

    Brands, such as Beaulieu and Kraus, carried by Impression Floors have invested heavily in leading edge eco-friendly technology and have increased their use of recycled material to manufacture more eco-friendly products.

    Beaulieu’s revolutionary technology and internal environmental program, for example, have created carpets graded for health, emissions and general eco-friendliness. Magic Fresh and Silver Release, the company’s trademark carpet treatment technologies, are designed to minimize indoor air pollution and mitigate health problems caused by toxic chemicals, while its Enviro Select Carpeting program ensures the use of hydro and wind power for some of its product lines.

    In fact, all carpet brands carried by Impression Floors have participated in the Green Plus air quality certification program that sets one of the highest industry standards for internal air quality and VOC (volatile organic compound) off gassing.

    Plus, several of our green carpet product lines, such as Kraus’ Perpetual and Beaulieu’s Tryesse, are manufactured with a high percentage of recycled plastic bottles made with polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Not only do they keep bottles out of landfills, they super durable and 100% stain-proof.

    Escape To Bali Carpet

    Escape To Bali Carpet

    Stadium Carpet

    Stadium Carpet

    Trip To Marrakesh Carpet

    Trip To Marrakesh Carpet

  • Pick your colour and sink your toes into luxurious texture with no compromising on environmental or health issues. Sourced from eco-friendly managed farms in Britain and New Zealand, our signature wool carpet brand, Nature's Carpet, is made with 100% wool pile that comes in 60 colours and lush textures.

    In addition to being a natural product, wool is known to absorb household pollutants and studies show that wool carpet can keep your air safe for decades to come. At the end of its lifespan, wool is 100% recyclable because of its all-natural biodegradable character.

    Of note, Nature’s Carpet wool carpets are

    • Anti-allergen, meaning that the natural wool fiber is structured to be emission-free and to inhibit the growth of bacteria or dust mites;
    • Among the warmest flooring products. The natural crimp of the wool creates millions of tiny air pockets that act as added insulation that could lower your heating bill.
    • Naturally stain- and soil-resistant and can be easily cleaned without the use of chemicals.
    Sentinent Wool Carpet - Green Label

    Stapleford Wool Carpet

    Everest Wool Carpet

    Everest Wool Carpet

    Compass Far North Carpet

    Somerset Wool Carpet

We invite you to visit our showroom to discuss your flooring project. With information from our expert team you will feel confident moving ahead with your decisions.