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Kelowna's Boutique Carpet, Hardwood, Luxury Vinyl, and Laminate Store

We enjoy helping customers to make their homes sparkle with new flooring and launched Impression Floors to bring the best products and experience to people who live in the Okanagan. We are a local, family owned and operated business.

We’ve built a flooring portfolio that offers a range of options -- patterns, textures, shades and prices -- so you can make the most of your space with quality flooring. Plus, we offer free consultation in your home or on site, drawing on 25+ years of industry experience to help you navigate common pitfalls.

Quality Flooring

Our name speaks to our mission of leaving a lasting impression long after your flooring is installed. We start with impeccable customer service and rely on our carefully cultivated network of suppliers to deliver well-crafted Canadian flooring brands and solutions.


Customers are inspired by our showroom and website displays, but where we really shine is in our “Lasting Impressions Onsite Consultation”. Coming directly to you, allows us to provide our most accurate quote, anticipate challenges, solve problems and ultimately match your space with the best suited product.

Elephant Inspiration

In symbolizing the spirit of Impression Floors we find inspiration in the magnificent elephant.

Scientists say the elephant alpha-female emerges not according to the strongest or most aggressive personality, but on account of the respect earned by other elephants. She demonstrates leadership through her wisdom, strength and her extraordinary skills in: problem solving; social intelligence; openness; decisiveness; patience; confidence and compassion. Males develop strong friendships and older males tend to mentor younger ones, who follow and learn from them. These are qualities we strive to live every day.

Elephants are a keystone species and are native to the regions collectively known as the ‘rug belt’ from Persia to Asia. And as the largest living land mammals they leave not only a deep impression in the warm savanna floor but also in the hearts of those they meet.

We look forward to seeing you at our Kelowna flooring showroom! Come along to pick up some sample colour swatches -- or give us a call at 250-979-7419 to discuss your upcoming flooring project!

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We invite you to visit our showroom to discuss your flooring project. With information from our expert team you will feel confident moving ahead with your decisions.